Why EGM Manufacturing? 

EGM Concrete Scarifier Machines Are Built To Last:

With our entire lineup of gas and electric concrete scarifier machines coming with Honda gas motors or cast iron WEG electric motors and high quality drums with long lasting carbide cutters as standard. Our machines are also made from the ground up by us in Sunrise, FL so we can assure you the best quality concrete grinder machine.

EGM Scarifiers Are Designed To Handle The Toughest Concrete Grinder Jobs:

Including trip hazard removal, concrete scarifying, concrete planing, sidewalk repairs, traffic line removal, adhesive removal, thermoplastic removal, roadway marking removal, airfield marking removal, striping removal, as well as many other types of removal and surface preparation tasks from almost any surface.




EGM manufactures a line of Scarifiers in the USA. We have numerous custom models available upon request.




EGM manufactures a line of scarifier drums and Shafts suitable for most OEM scarifiers on the market. We have a variety of custom drum sizes available upon request.



Flail Cutters

Our Carbide Flail cutters have been designed to be compatible with all the Scarifier Machines there are in the market.  The Carbide flail cutters offer up to 30 times longer  of life time as 5 times faster  than steel cutters



Cutter Kits

EGM MFG manufactures cutter kits for all kinds of drum sizes and models. Different sizes and combinations available upon request. 



Milling Bits

EGM Manufacturing uses the finest virgin tungsten carbide Which gives each Bit a longer life time. This allows our clients to lower their operation cost and deliver more performance for their money.

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