Why EGM 25 -10?


The EGM 25 -10  has many uses including for roughening, scarifying, texturing and planning, concrete, asphalt, and epoxy resin floor, also removing traffic line, road marking and thermoplastics, adhesives and coating. There are lots of applications including highways, airport runways, civil construction, floor preparation, etc.

EGM 25-10

Within a demanding market, the EGM 25-10 defies the standards for quality and capability. With the ability for cutting 1/4 inch at 10 inches width, the EGM 25-10 is at the top of its class in in speed and reduction of the job time. 

Additionally the EGM 25-10 will outperform any other machine as well as outlast the toughest operators.

It is available with the most cutter tools and accessories.

The machine is equipped with a standard vacuum port.


The drum assembly rotates clockwise in very high speed; which swings the cutters crashing in to the floor, the finish will be according with the depth and the quantity of cutters previously assembled in the drum.

All scarifier machines include a warranty on all parts including the engine (Honda manufacturer warranty) for one year after the date of purchase. To make a warranty claim please contact us using the information on the contact us page.


ModelEGM 25-10
Power Honda 11 HP
Working Width10 inches / 250mm
Drum AssemblyChangeable
Working Depth6 mm / 1/4 inches
Drum RotationDown Cut (Clockwise)
Weight245LBS / 60 Kg
Dimensions39″(L) X 44(W)” X 20″(H)