Why EGM 10 - 4?


The EGM 10-4 is the best portable hand-held scarifier on the market.
This model is designed for hard to reach locations and high performance edging.

The EGM 10-4 can be used for roughening, scarifying, texturing and planning, concrete, wood, steel and coating.

Additionally EGM 10-4 will outperform any other machine as well as outlast the toughest operators.


The drum assembly rotates clockwise in very high speed; which swings the cutters crashing in to the floor, the finish will be according with the depth and the quantity of cutters previously assembled in the drum.

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ModelEGM 10-4
Power 1.3 HP/120v
Working Width2 inches / 50mm
Drum AssemblyChangeable
Working Depth1.5 mm / 1/6 inches
Drum RotationDown Cut (Clockwise)
Weight5.5 Kg
L*H*W20″ X 8″ X 9″