CNC manufacturing is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, with an average growth rate of 7.4% per year over the past decade. The growth of fabricated metal products or CNC manufacturing across the USA has grown from $13.3 billion in 1992 to $34.1 billion in June 2019. This has largely been driven by companies looking to improve their product quality, reduce costs and cycle times, and increase flexibility. Nowadays, CNC manufacturing has become one of the most needed skills within the industry, representing an opportunity to obtain a well-payed job.

CNC Machinists and todays need

Through May 2021, according to the US labor of Statistics, the top 3 industries who required more machinists are as follows: 

  • Machine Shops, turned product and screw, nut, and bolt manufacturing with 79,360 jobs, representing 24.42% of the industry.
  • Machinery Manufacturing with 33,330 jobs representing 4.75% of the industry.
  • Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing with 23,370 jobs representing 14.6% of the industry employment.    

In the USA, also during May 2021, the top 3 states with the highest employment levels for machinists where as follows:

  • Ohio, with 30,260 jobs and an annual mean wage of $44,560 dollars.
  • California, with 29,810 jobs and an annual mean wage of $52,040 dollars. 
  • Michigan, with 22,100 jobs and an annual mean wage of $46,510 dollars. 

USA CNC Machine Market

The US CNC machines market size was valued at $2,314.11 millions in 2015 and is expected to reach $4,009.59 million dollars by 2030, growing at a steady rate of 4.9% from 2021 to 2030. This analysis considers the US CNC machines market trends and study of the US CNC machines marketing forecast that focuses on diversified applications of CNC machines across industries. 

Some of the benefits of CNC machining is that it provides enhanced safety and security during production operations, controls data traffic, improves process quality and reduces time between design and production. Another advantage is that it provides advanced protection with its intelligence software and hardware interface to workforce in risky work environments such as mining and manufacturing plants. 

What segment is dominating the industry? 

By machining tool type, the lathes segment dominated the US CNC marketing share in 2015, and it is expected to continue this trend for the nearest future. The milling tool segment is expected to witness highest growth in the upcoming years as it is used to perform vertical as well as horizontal operation on the workpiece or component. 

What are the top impacting growth factors in the industry? 

Some of the factors for US CNC machine growth are:

  • Increase in demand for mass production plants and rise in need for precision and time effectiveness drive the growth of the CNC market in the USA. 
  • One of the characteristics that restrains the growth of the market is the high cost of CNC machines and government regulation regarding manufacturing processes. 
  • Some areas of big opportunity for the market are increased focus on the technological advancements such as artificial intelligence and robotics and increase application of CNC numeric control market. 
  •  Cost reduction along with substantial increase in productivity and quality of the final product rises the demand of CNC machining.

CNC manufacturing has grown by leaps and bounds since it was first introduced. As the technology behind CNC machining improves, so does its demand. The growth of fabricated metal products or CNC manufacturing across the USA is a proof of this. 

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