EGM Scarifier Machines Are Built To Last:

With our entire lineup of gas and electric scarifier machines coming with Honda gas motors or cast iron WEG electric motors and high quality drums with long lasting carbide cutters as standard. Our machines are also made from the ground up by us in Sunrise, FL so we can assure you the best quality machine.

EGM Scarifiers Are Designed To Handle The Toughest Jobs:

Including trip hazard removal, concrete scarifying, concrete planing, sidewalk repairs, traffic line removal, adhesive removal, thermoplastic removal, roadway marking removal, airfield marking removal, striping removal, as well as many other types of removal and surface preparation tasks from almost any surface.

Make Any EGM Scarifier Electric

We dont just make the EGM 25-10 in an electric version but we make all models in an electric version. Just give us a call at (954) 440-0445 so we can set you up with a machine perfect for you. We make these machines custom allowing you to choose the exact input voltage and phasing as well as motor horsepower for your job. We even make machines with a convenient 120v single phase power option allowing you to scarify almost anywhere you can find an outlet or generator.

All Prices Include Shipping